Pilgrimage Project Plans

This week I’ve decided to experiment with doing the weekly round-up on a Friday. Doing it on Sundays never quite happens, because… well… Sunday. And Mondays feel wrong, somehow. So let’s see how this goes.

Considering that the last one was posted this Monday, this is more of a three-day roundup, but I’ve managed to fit quite a lot into those three days.

For example, I designed a survey for digital forensics professionals, which we sent out to the community a few weeks ago. The survey has now closed and we’re just shy of 500 responses, which isn’t bad at all. I’m looking forward to crunching the data, cuz I’m a geek like that.

Speaking of… I’ve briefly started to sketch out plans for 2016. I know, I know, we haven’t even hit December yet. But next month looks to be pretty busy, so I figured I’d get it out the way as soon as possible.

I’d really like to do a study I had an idea for earlier this year, following on from my previous research on pilgrimage.

Having been studying Christians and Pagans at their various religious spaces since 2007, I’ve discovered that these routes and events are gaining popularity in the general population as well. Plenty of atheists were walking the Santiago Way when our research team went there to interview people, and the number of non-Pagans who go to Stonehenge for the summer solstice party is increasing by the year.

The first of these phenomena is something we’ve already written a paper on, it’s just on hold due to a necessary revise & resubmit (damn you, Reviewer 2!). But the second is something the research team hasn’t focused on quite so much, so I think I might instead.

After vaguely planning this out in my head, I realised I’m going to miss both solstices at Stonehenge next year, because I’ll be in America (summer) and Africa (winter).

Which means I might have to go this December, at least to gather some preliminary data and see if it’s worth doing the full study.

Last time I spent the full winter solstice at Stonehenge was in 2007, and it was Cold. But fun.

Cold. But fun.
Cold. But fun. Stonehenge 2007.

Other than planning various bits of next year, I’ve had a really busy week. Work has been insane, and is only going to get insaner over the next few days; Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big business for digital forensics people. Lots of cybercrime going around.

On Tuesday I went for dinner with a friend at Wahaca, which was very nice. Their food is great, and surprisingly reasonably priced for a central London location. We caught up on life and topped off the evening with wine and pina coladas.

Yesterday I met another friend’s baby for the first time. She’s very tiny and I was required to sing her to sleep before I left. That’s what happens when people know you make music 😉

Today I got up at 4.45 and now I’ve finished most of my morning tasks already, and it’s only 6.34. This is exciting. There’s a whole day ahead of me.


Perhaps I’ll go back to bed.

Things I’ve been doing online

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Also this one, in case you’re around:


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My travels last year ended with two weeks in an industrial estate in Slough. You can’t say my life’s not glamorous.

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Interesting things on the internet this week

Minority Nomad provides a look at poverty, travel, and our impact.

An MI5 terrorism report flies in the face of all the crap various people have been spouting about Muslims.

The Dutch police have busted a massive ring of people sharing child abuse images.

Speaking of which: there’s a new Queensland task force dedicated to catching dark web paedophiles, and they’re looking to hire internationally.

Why the whole “This is why we need encryption!” reaction to the Paris attacks is a load of bollocks.

This is sickening.

A brilliant post about the unimportance of almost everything, aka how to cut 80% of your workload and still do a better job.

So, how’s your week been?

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