This one’s whipped by in a happy frenzy of work-related productivity.

That’s not even sarcasm: I actually like my job. I still have to pinch myself sometimes. I spent so many years in an industry I actively disagreed with, doing a job I hated myself for, that I can barely believe I’m finally free of it and spending my days being paid to do things I enjoy.

Speaking of which, I published a Q&A this week in which I discuss how to go freelance. It was originally published a few years ago and not all of the things are still true in terms of my day-to-day work, but the principles are the same. Check it out here.

My mother and I had a conversation about plastic fruit.

Last weekend was really busy. Black Friday + Cyber Monday = lots of investigation = early mornings. I got up at 4.30 throughout, and by the time I’d worked a lot of Saturday as well, I was ready to collapse on Saturday evening, which is exactly what I did. I was meant to be going to my friend’s 40th birthday party, and had actually been really looking forward to it, but I knew that if I didn’t spend a long time in bed Saturday night then I’d be setting myself up to be ill this week, which I didn’t want.

By Monday I’d recovered and was back to the early mornings and the Cyber Monday investigations. All went smoothly.

The boiler man came out to look at the boiler, and told me that the reason it’s now started leaking is because when the previous boiler man came to fix the thing that was broken, he managed to break another part in the process.

It’ll be done eventually, I’m sure.

Oh, and the bathroom radiator’s broken again, having worked for… oh, a week?

Other than that, this week’s mainly been about working, reading and dreading this evening (when I have to have a difficult conversation with The Ex about the divorce that’s currently being processed by the courts). Wish me luck.

Top tweet of the week: 

Top Instagram post of the week: 

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Possible plans for a new pilgrimage project paper in 2016, probably involving more long, cold (but fun) nights studying pagans at Stonehenge. The pilgrimage project has been running since 2007 and aims to compare the motivations and experiences of Pagans and Christians travelling to their respective sacred spaces. Along the way we also met a load of people who don't identify as religious or spiritual, or who specifically identify as atheists. We found this fascinating, so now we're studying it further. More info and a weekly round-up now live at #academia #academic #academics #academiclife #research #researcher #researchpaper #researchers #psychology #psychologist #psychologyofreligion #religion #religions #pagan #paganism #pagans #stonehenge #stonehengerocks #solstice #wintersolstice #lbloggers #lblog #pilgrimage #pilgrims #pilgrimage2015 #pilgrim #thepilgrimageproject #pilgrimageproject #oxforduni #oxforduniversity

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Top Pinterest board of the week: 

This week I’ve been listening to:

This week I’ve been reading: 

A Mathematician’s Apology by G.H. Hardy
The Establishment by Owen Jones
Even Dogs In The Wild by Ian Rankin
Sittin’ On The Dock Of King’s Lynn by Derek Knight
Elizabeth Is Missing by Emma Healey
The Silent Deep by Peter Hennessey & James Jinks
The Essential Vegan Travel Guide by Caitlin Galer-Unti
Reviews of all of the above here.

This week I’ve been watching:

Jessica Jones on Netflix. It’s brilliant.
I also bought the DVD of Hackers from a charity shop because I’ve wanted to watch it for ages, but I need to buy an external DVD drive if I want to actually play it, because my technology situation is ridiculous.

This week in music:

I covered Sia’s One Million Bullets and made it an angry warrior song instead of a love song. I haven’t recorded it yet, but I might have to. I quite like it.

Interesting things on the internet this week: 

One of my clients, who liked the whole weekly round-up idea, has now commissioned me to write them for his site. You can find them here. Want your own? Email me.

I’m addicted to this dude’s blog. The latest post is about how to get through the last 10% of projects you’ve almost finished (o hai, novels that need final edits!).

An ambitious new child abuse enquiry will focus on religious leaders, politicians and councils.

Another post about why it’s bullshit that we can’t track terrorists if their data are encrypted.

I’m now on and I have three invitations available. Hit me up if you want one.

The threat is already inside, and nine other truths about terrorism that people don’t want to hear.

John Scalzi talks about how the concept of simplicity is often kind of a high-end thing.

Can we just send all the angry people into space to get some perspective?

What could dark matter be? (I have my own theory about this, which I’ll be writing about next year.)

A long and importance piece about Donald Trump.

95 useful tools for OSINT investigators.

Have a great weekend!

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