Why You Need To Ride The DLR At Least Once

The DLR is my favourite London train.

(Yes, I have a favourite London train. Told you I was cool.)

The DLR, which stands for Docklands Light Railway, is a driverless train. I know, I know, that sounds creepy. But it’s not, it’s excellent.

The best place to sit on the DLR is at the front of the train, because you can watch the track appearing in front of you and it feels a bit like being on a really slow rollercoaster that’s occasionally subject to delays.

I got the DLR a few weeks ago to and from a guest lecture I was giving to a group of university students in Canary Wharf.

On the way back, I realised that the DLR isn’t something that’s usually recommended as a London experience, and also because it doesn’t serve the centre of town or the tourist areas, a lot of visitors to London might not know about it.

So I thought I’d video it for you.

I sat down and pulled out my tablet. A lady sat next to me and pulled out her phone.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I’m going to video the whole journey, I love the DLR.”
“Oh, same here!” she replied, “I’m going to take loads of photos.”

I confessed to a certain childlike enjoyment of the whole DLR experience. Then I added excitedly “I especially love the bit when it goes into the tunnel!”

At this point the lady shifted slightly and looked a bit awkward, and I realised I might be sounding like Sheldon.


Anyway, I videoed the whole thing for your enjoyment, including the exciting bit in the tunnel.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of riding it, you totally should.

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