Book Haul: Satan, Death, and Singapore

A mixture of novels, autobiographies and instruction manuals for Satanic witches make up this week’s book haul.

Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark


I’ve read this one before, but sometimes you just need a bit of Mary Higgins Clark in your life. It’s a pretty straightforward murder mystery: a famous Broadway star is murdered in her home, and the prosecutor has to prove beyond reasonable doubt that the husband killed her. But did he?

It’s a classic from the queen of crime suspense, with the kind of twist that makes Clark one of the most-read thriller writers of all time.

Singapore Salvation by Jennifer Burge


I had the same experience with this as I did with Burge’s last book, The Devil Wears Clogs, which is that I appreciated the level of honesty with which she writes, but felt at times that it read like someone moving to a new country and complaining about everything.

It’s not all like that: there are positive parts, and it’s good for expats to understand some of the challenges that surround them when moving abroad. Singapore Salvation is an honest account of Burge’s time in the country, and I applaud the no-holds-barred approach to writing. If you’re thinking of moving to Singapore and want to read a book by someone who moved there and isn’t afraid to say exactly what they didn’t enjoy about the experience, this is the book for you.

The Satanic Witch by Anton Szandor LaVey


As part of my psychology of religion research, which deals with comparative spiritual differences between Christians and Pagans, I get to read a lot of interesting books. I read The Satanic Bible a while ago and actually thought it was quite good, which surprised me. An inflammatory title does not necessarily an inferior book make.

For example, The Satanic Bible contains its own set of rules:


…which, while some of them might seem harsh, aren’t all that different from your average commandments and seem more realistic than a lot of ideals.

So I had fairly high hopes for The Satanic Witch. Unfortunately these were dashed pretty early on, when I discovered that most of the book was about sex. As an asexual, that didn’t bode well.

The book mainly deals with how to net the person you want using your witchy wiles: the kind of thing a lot of people would want to read, I’m sure, but not exactly up my street.

What did you read this week? What do you think I should read next? 

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