Blog Stats 2015

This probably won’t be of interest to anyone other than me, but I’m going to post it anyway so I can look back on it next year.

My most-read post this year was ‘I think this makes me officially a Real Adult‘, in which I rejoiced at the boiler being fixed (it broke again a few days later), talked about flooring samples, and discussed a creepy puzzle that had appeared on the internet.

My most-liked post this year was ‘Book Recommendations: Expat / Travel / Business‘, which pretty much does what it says on the tin.

My most-read pages this year were: About, in which I describe my trifecta of lives; the Reverse Bucket List, where I document the things I’ve done that feel bucket-list-worthy; and Services, which tells you what I can do for you.

Where did my readers come from this year? All over the place, apparently.


The top places where people discovered things they wanted to read here? Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Click the links to follow me on each. And also, here’s my Instagram.

My most active commenters this year also deserve a shout-out, of course. They were:

Ann from TravelsAndTomes, who writes about being an expat and travelling between the UK, Germany and Turkey. Take a look at this story about the Ghost of Christmas Past.

Padraig from O’Sullivan Field, who wrote one of my favourite books about management and being an expat, Foreigner In Charge.

Valerie, who doesn’t have a blog, only a Gravatar, but I’m grateful for her comments all the same!

Raza Sohail from My Life My Thoughts.

And Sarah Dyson from Parents’ Guide To Gaming.

That’s my blogging stats round-up for this year. Happy New Year! 🙂

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