Happy New Year!

I love new year. It’s my favourite holiday. I’m aware that as a cynic and general scrooge about holidays, this may come as a surprise. But I fucking love it. And this year I am cementing a tradition I started last year: Scar’s NYE Party.

The idea is that a few people (not too many, naturally. I’m still antisocial, after all) come over and we find a list of traditions that different people do around the world. We then see how many of these we can fit in before midnight.

At midnight, we down our champagne (which has the burned embers of our wishes in it… more on that later) and then sit down and chill out until suddenly we realise it’s about 5am.

Or that’s how it went last year, anyway. Here are some to choose from; we might be doing some of these tonight…


Eat a spoonful of lentils to attract work and money

Walk through the streets banging on pots and pans


Take twelve pennies, go outside, and throw them backwards over your shoulder while you face the opposite side of the street; paradoxically, this is meant to bring you money in the new year

Open all the doors (including cupboard doors), then run around shutting them when it hits midnight

Watch Dinner For One, an old British TV show that’s inexplicably become synonymous with New Year in various countries around the world

Fill pots and pans with water, then throw the water out the front door

Step forward with your right foot at midnight


Jump off a chair at the stroke of midnight

Write down a wish on a piece of paper, burn it, add the embers to your glass of champagne, then down it at midnight

Happy New Year!

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