2016 Resolutions

I make resolutions every year. I used to be really good at keeping them, then I was bad at it for a few years, then in 2013 and 2014 I was good at it again. Last year I forgot what mine were, and then they sort of changed halfway through anyway, and when I looked at them again I realised I’d done some, but not others.

This year, Caitlin and I did our usual tradition of setting our new year’s resolutions together at the end of December.

I realised that one of the problems in previous years is that I sometimes forget where I put my resolutions, and then I forget what they were, and then I forget to do them. In 2013-14, I wrote them on my blog and updated during my weekly round-ups with how I’d been doing.

This year, the blog will have monthly round-ups instead of weekly ones, but I think I’ll do the same.

So, here are mine.

Finish the main bits of work on the flat

 This was the view from the downstairs neighbour's flat when my floor fell in
This was the view from the downstairs neighbour’s flat when my floor fell in

My flat has the potential to be very nice, which is why I moved in. The rooms are large, there’s an original marble fireplace in the living room, and it’s in a quiet, leafy street with excellent neighbours.

But it’s falling down. The structural stuff has now been attended to (I hope, anyway), but it still needs some cosmetic bits.

Really, these need to be done before the end of March, at which point I’m going away for three months and someone else is going to have to live here.

Conquer fear of spiders

I bought myself an Edward Monkton calendar and this is October's entry, which must be an omen, right?
I bought myself an Edward Monkton calendar and this is October’s entry, which must be an omen, right?

I have tried for years to get over my fear of spiders. At one point – after I’d called an emergency locksmith to come out at 3am, break into my house and liberate me from standing on the sofa by removing the spider – I went on a course and got hypnotised out of it.

It worked, sort of, in that I can now deal with small-medium spiders, which I never could before.

But I still have a problem with the big ones, as the Saga of the Spiderbeast Part One and Part Two will attest.

I need to get over this. I think the best way might be – *shudder* – exposure therapy. Wish me luck.

Have driving lessons


Because I would really like to be able to drive. Fuck knows when I’ll fit these in though.

Get thinner

Yes, I finally made it a resolution. I’ve flirted with it before – “be healthier”, “don’t eat food I’m allergic to”, but this year I’m making it a firm resolution.

The reason I’ve backed away from it in the past is because I was anorexic as a teenager, badly enough to end up in hospital, and I’ve always been terrified that if I start losing weight, I’ll get hooked on the feeling again and end up being stupid.

But I’ve spent a lot of time (and money) on therapy over the past few years, and my brain seems to work fairly normally now, and I think I can do it. It’s still scary – a bit like resolving to walk along a cliff face even though the last time you fell off into the sea – but I’m going to try.

Besides, being really fat isn’t exactly healthy, either. 😉

I’ll also be documenting it on the blog, because I’ve managed to get sponsorship for it from a couple of companies and I’ll be reviewing whether their products are helping. So, we’ll see.

And I’m going to go by clothes size rather than weight, because I know from bitter experience how shitty scales can be.

Don’t get into a relationship

I know this might sound weird. But I really love being by myself, and yet somehow I seem to end up in relationships, or engaged, or even married. This is my resolution to myself that I’m not going to let that happen in 2016. I’m going to spend the year blissfully single, just the way I like to be. Yay 🙂

Stick to monthly themes


This is a bit of an odd one.

I have a lot of things I want to get done in 2016. However, I’m also away for quite a lot of the year, and I need to fit these things in while I’m in England.

So my calendar for the year is all set already. Yes, really.

I’ve made monthly themes, in which I’ll be working on one thing from my list each month. They involve taking chunks of time during the week, as well as every other weekend, to dedicate to each project. The leftover weekends (and some evenings) are free time, because I do appreciate that I need that too.

It’s just that if I want to achieve all the things, I have to be realistic about how I’m going to do it. I can’t just say “I want to write another paper”, and then wait for it to happen in my spare time, because spare time gets filled.

So here we go. I’ll post at the beginning and end of each month about what the month’s theme is and whether I’ve fulfilled it. Probably in the monthly round-ups.

January’s theme is novels + DIY

This was last year's novel a few months ago. It's now finished and ready for editing.
This was last year’s novel a few months ago. It’s now finished and ready for editing.

…which is cheating, because that’s two things and means I don’t have any spare weekends. But DIY is the kind of thing people often do on their spare weekends anyway.

“DIY”, of course, refers to the flat. The floor is arriving next Tuesday, some bookcases today, and I need to buy some paint and measure up the walls for the wallpaper this weekend.

“Novels” refers to the books I’ve written, that I need to edit and finalise, then send off. I won’t necessarily get both done this month, but the goal is to at least get one finished.

Happy new year! 🙂 What are your resolutions? 

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