Exploring London: Hogarth Road (West)

I used to do a lot of walking around London, and it’s a habit I’ve recently taken up again, prompted in no small part by my purchasing of a magic bracelet that tells me how far I’ve walked each day.

Last week’s explorations took me around Earl’s Court, and I discovered a beautiful little street which I thought I’d share.

Hogarth Road can be found close to Earl’s Court station. There’s a tributary street coming off it, which is very pretty and reminds me of a kind of tiny, concentrated, less busy version of all the best bits of Soho.

I don’t go into the centre of town much because of the obscenely large crowds, but this had everything you could wish for in a quieter setting.

The pub at the entrance to the street, and the strung-up lights through the lamplit cobblestone walk, were the first thing to catch my eye.

Hogarth Road London

That looks interesting, I thought, and moved closer.

Hogarth Road London

See? All sparkly. How exciting.

The King’s Head does homemade food and real ales, and it looks like it strikes a balance between modern and cozy. I didn’t go inside – pubs aren’t really my thing – but if you’re looking for a place for after-work dinner and drinks with your friends, this might be a good place to try.

Ashbee's Wine Bar

This looks much more like my kind of place. From the quirky French sailor out front, beckoning customers in with a wink, to the red paint and the plants and the fairy-string lights, Ashbee’s looks like a place I could imagine myself settling into with several glasses of wine and a good book.

I didn’t go in when I walked past, but it’s definitely somewhere I’ll be checking out in the future, especially after reading the glowing TripAdvisor reviews.

I kept walking, enjoying the sights and smells of the little street. There was a wonderful smell of Asian food coming from somewhere…. but where?

Hogarth Road London

Wait, what’s this?

It’s Siam Secret, a Thai restaurant sequestered away in the folds between the walls. So subtle that I nearly missed it, and yet all the more magical for that reason, the leafy garden door seems to beckon you into the courtyard.

I resisted this one too, but I think I’ll have to go back. It just looks like such a wonderful setting for a quiet meal.

Hogarth Road London

And then I wandered a bit further afield and found this door number, which made me smile:

Twelve and a half

I’ve never lived at a fraction, but I think I’d quite enjoy it.

In summary: Hogarth Road is pretty and petite, nestling in West London just minutes from the bustling Earl’s Court Road. If you’re in the area, it’s definitely worth a visit. And at some point I’ll go back and try out all the places that looked so tempting on my first walk through.

What’s your favourite little London street?

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