I sometimes feel like I have more than my fair quota of friends.

I’ve had several conversations with people lately where they bemoan their lack of friends. Not acquaintances, or drinking buddies, or colleagues they get along with, but real friends. Close friends.


By contrast, I seem to have a lot of these – so many that I can’t keep in touch with all of them.

Does that make me greedy? Friend-greedy, somehow?

The thing is, it just sort of seems to happen. I meet people, we get along, and after a few years they become friends for life.

I think it’s because I’m quite fussy. I don’t really have acquaintances anymore – not since leaving my old job – and the only people I keep in touch with are the ones who mean the most.

The people I’ve sat with over bottles of wine or whisky, putting the world to rights and sharing parts of our lives, not noticing the night passing until suddenly we realised it was morning.


The people I know I could call at 3am in some kind of emergency situation, who would immediately come and help.

The people who understand bits of me other people just don’t get, who have listened to me ranting about whatever’s been going on in my life recently, who won’t judge me when I do stupid things.

At times I feel almost guilty – like life has dealt me more than my fair share of good friends and I should somehow try to share them out more evenly.

But on the whole, I’m just very grateful to have them in my life.

If you’re one of them already, thank you, I love you, and here’s to more long nights with wine.


If you’re not one yet; well, who knows what’s in the future?

And if you’re thinking “Sure, but I could never open myself up enough to have those kinds of friends” then trust me, I have a reputation for being a bit of a clam. But sometimes prising yourself open is the only way to find out about the things you never knew you shared with others.

Here’s to friendship.


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