Why ‘Go One More’ by Superchick is the best motivational song ever

I love a good motivational playlist, don’t you? Especially when it’s Monday morning in the fourth week of January, and you’re trying to summon the commitment to keep up with your gym-related resolutions.

I have a whole playlist of songs I find motivational, but my favourite one of all is probably One More by Superchick.

Here it is:

You might be surprised that I’m a Superchick fan. They’re an openly Christian rock band, and many of their songs have religious themes, which isn’t something I normally enjoy in my music.

But I like the songs they write, and the way they tackle difficult subjects in a kick-ass way.

So, why do I love One More it so much?

Because it has a realistic message

So many motivational songs – or at least, the ones I tend to listen to – have lyrics that encourage you to grab life by the balls and keep fighting till you drop. Push It To The Limit. Be a Warrior. Be Not Afraid. 

One More doesn’t do that. The lyrics are simultaneously realistic and encouraging.

It starts with the words “It feels like I have lost this fight” – not the most promising opening lyric, but one we can all no doubt relate to.

The song gradually builds, though, into a ballad of badassery to rival any other.

And it advocates a realistic approach to facing your fears and reaching your goals.

“Got 100 steps to go, tonight I’ll make it 99.”
“If I can overcome step one, I can face the 99.”

And so on.

The chorus is just the repeated advice “Don’t stop now, go one more…”, which makes it a perfect gym song. And the slightly more chilled nature of the verses means it also makes a good addition to pretty much any motivational playlist.

It gives you the reasoning behind the need to go one more, as well:

“I might get used to giving up, so I am showing up tonight.”

In summary: One More is my favourite motivational song, and I think it should be one of yours, too.

Plus, there’s this Janeway fan video of it, which makes it even cooler.

What’s your favourite motivational song?

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