Last night I sang in a church

I’ve been trying to make more friends in London ever since I moved back here, but it’s difficult. Especially if you’re in my age group (late twenties) but enjoy pursuits that are mostly enjoyed by people in other age groups (sitting down, not going out drinking).

So I joined a choir. This was a two-birds-one-stone decision really; I’ve been meaning to go back to singing soprano for ages. After a foray into gigging my own punk-folk songs in 2013-14, last year was musically quiet, and this year I wanted to get back into it. And there’s nothing like soaring over soprano notes to make you feel on top of the world.

Last night I went along to a choir in West London (the best London). It was held in a beautiful church near Kensington Olympia, and I managed not to spontaneously combust despite all the religious artefacts 😉

West London Church

We sang a jazz mass. I’ve never done anything like that before – neither sung jazz nor mass – so it was a new and exciting thing to be singing.

I had a fantastic time. I made new friends.

There was free wine and we got a bit drunk in the church. I met a French lady, which always makes me happy. I love speaking French.

The choir organiser rocked up in this gigantic fluffy coat with a pair of ski goggles on. She was just brilliant. At the end, after we’d drunk all the wine, we discovered the church has remote-controlled lights so we did a sort of disco with the altar lights.

If you’d like to come and join the choir, or if you want to come to our performance in April, let me know and I’ll send you details.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep singing 😉

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