A Day In Signs

I once spent a day noting down all the instructional signs I passed throughout the day. It reads a bit like a poem.

 © www.torange.us
© http://www.torange.us

A Day In Signs

Wake up
No standing forward of this point
No smoking
Do not speak to or distract the driver while vehicle is moving
Do not leave luggage in the gangway
Give way
Please drive slowly
No entry
Please drive slowly
Please drive carefully
Danger of death: keep out
Danger of death: keep off
Respect our community: drive carefully
Keep out
Reduce speed now
Give way
Cyclists dismount
Give way
No return within one hour
All traffic turn left
Strictly no entry after 1.30am
No stopping at any time except local buses. Waiting limited to five minutes.
Save fuel… take the bus
Single file traffic
Wait here until green light shows
Construction site: keep out
Private road: no turning
No stopping
Give way
No parking
No stopping
Controlled zone
Warning: CCTV cameras in operation
No stopping
No loading
Alcohol free zone
No stopping
No waiting
No loading
Entry to High Street restricted ahead: Traffic enforcement cameras
Single file traffic
When red light shows wait here
No smoking
Keep clear of this entrance
Recycle your drinks cans
No smoking
Fasten seatbelts

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