Exploring London: Leake Street and the Vaults

I’d lived in London for ages before I even discovered the Vaults existed, which is odd, because Westminster is an area I pass through pretty regularly, and the Vaults are just over the bridge.

The other day, I went along with Hippy Poppins to Charlie Tuesday Gates’ studio clearout sale (details here – there’s still time to go grab a bargain!). I took some pictures on the way in, because the Vaults are really pretty and well worth exploring.

The Vaults are accessible through a door on Leake Street, which is worth a walk in any case. In 2008, Banksy organised a graffiti exhibition there, and it’s been used as a permanently open street art exhibition ever since.

Wandering around, you’ll no doubt see some street artists at work.

Exploring London Leake Street and the Vaults

Exploring London Leake Street and the Vaults

I love wandering around places where creative people work, and seeing how they structure their spaces.

This, for example, seems to be Bottle And Rubbish Corner:

Exploring London Leake Street and the Vaults

There are loads of different types and styles of art, from the bold and bright:

Street Art In London

…to the intricate and monochrome:

Street Art In London

This piece was on the roof of the tunnel when I went there. As always, a good rule to follow in London: look up.

Street Art In London

The door to the Vaults appears just when you’re starting to wonder where it might be.

Waterloo Vaults

So tantalising!

Waterloo Vaults

Once you’re inside, you’ll be able to find out about upcoming productions and so on. You can do that on their website, of course, but hopefully you’ve been persuaded that it’s worth visiting in person.

One of the most exciting things that’s happening there soon is Goosebumps, an immersive theatre experience based on R.L. Stine’s immensely successful book series. If, like me, you were hooked on them as a kid in the 90s, you might want to check it out.

I will leave you with this notice, which I found pinned to a wall. It pretty much sums up why I occasionally miss living with artists.


Have you visited the Vaults and Leake Street? Where’s your favourite collection of street art? 


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