A Story To Demonstrate Where My Brain’s At This Week

Yesterday evening I went to Whole Foods. I walked up and down the aisles of overpriced – but admittedly beautifully presented – produce, basket draped over one arm.

There! The sweet potatoes. I went over and stood in front of them for a while. They were huge! Much bigger than normal sweet potatoes.

I picked up two, turning them over to check their freshness. Fine. Big, but fine.

Several minutes later, a Whole Foods employee appeared beside me. He cleared his throat.

*Ahem* {pause} …

“Are you OK, Madam?”

I’m not sure how long I’d been standing in one spot, holding two giant sweet potatoes, but I nodded, turned back to the sweet potato area, put them down, and silently walked out of the shop.

In other words: the world is busy and I really need to sleep.

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