Some of my favourite lady bloggers for #IWD2016

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite internet ladies.

Add yours in the comments and I’ll take a look too! 🙂

Paola Elefante – – Academia
Recent Favourite: How people talk to stay-at-home parents.

A mathematician who blogs about science, mathematics, academia and being a woman in STEM, Paola always has an interesting perspective on things and her writing will really make you think.

Harriet Emily – – Food
Recent Favourite: Nachos.

One of those food blogs that will immediately make you want to copy all the recipes, then frustrate you when they look nothing like the pictures, Harriet Emily has an online repository of beautiful recipes, along with creative endeavours and a journal.

The Vegan Word – – Food
Recent Favourite: Vegetarian and vegan travel doesn’t have to be hard.

A culinary genius with a creative flair, Caitlin makes vegan food look and taste amazing. Having flirted with veganism on and off for quite some time, I use her site as a reference book as much as anything; if it were a traditional recipe book in my kitchen, it’d be the one with all the floury thumbprints all over it.

Trekkie Girls – – Star Trek
Recent Favourite: DSTE – First guests announced.

If you’re into Star Trek but not very good at keeping up to date with things that are going on in the galaxy (like me), Trekkie Girls is a must-read. They’re how I find out about upcoming events, and they always have an interesting perspective on everything Trek.

Mammy Woo – – Personal/Lifestyle
Recent Favourite: Mind fullness.

I’m a sucker for any blogger who shares their personal stories, trials and successes with a humourous twist, and Lexy does this perfectly. A brilliant mix of amusing, relatable and searingly honest.

Cigarettes And Calpol – – Personal/Lifestyle
Recent Favourite: What’s it like to move in with a single mum & child?

Following on in the same vein, Mia writes about life, the universe and everything from the perspective of a parent. As an outsider to the parenting game, I find it both interesting and downright inspirational that people manage to get through life with a tiny person clinging onto them. Cigarettes And Calpol is (as the name suggests) frequently irreverent and very honest about being a parent.

Renegade Mothering – – Personal/Lifestyle
Recent Favourite: We built this house. We can tear it down.

For a deliberately childless person, I sure read a lot of parenting blogs. Renegade Mothering is one of my absolute favourites. As well as detailing the adventures of raising her kids, Renegade Mama rants about politics, life and equality, and so far I’ve agreed with pretty much everything she’s said.

Runaway Kiwi – – Personal/Lifestyle
Recent Favourite: Three brunches in three hours: oh god what have I done.

Anyone who can manage three brunches in as many hours has to make it onto my list of favourite bloggers, obviously. Rebecca writes brilliant posts that are funny, relatable and useful if you’re living in London and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing.

Hyperbole And A Half – – Humour
Favourite: Spaghatta Nadle!

Allie Brosh is the voice behind the “X ALL the Y!” meme, and her site is the kind of place where you can easily fall into a swirling vortex of hilarity and not emerge for hours. Start at the beginning and read all the way through for maximum amusement value, and then buy her book to top it up. Infrequently updated, but worth keeping an eye on.

The Bloggess – – Humour
Recent Favourite: Some of the ridiculous things people search for to get to Jenny’s blog.

The Bloggess needs no introduction, really; unless you’ve been living under an internet rock for a while, you’ve no doubt stumbled across her somewhere. Hilarious, moving, lovely and – you guessed it – irreverent, Jenny writes about everything from depression to taxidermy to what it’s like to publish a book. Life lessons abound for the brave and the utterly terrified.

Margaret And Helen – – Politics
Recent Favourite: If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and hates immigrants, gays and people of color then what you have is a Republican duck.

Margaret and Helen have been best friends for sixty years, and now they live in different states and share a blog. They write brilliantly ranty posts about politics, equality and wisdom.

Women Who Live On Rocks – – Travel
Recent Favourite: When ‘Gaad’ comes knocking.

As the name suggests, this is a blog by a collection of women who live on islands. Those sunny, pretty ones that sound like paradise. I always like to read about the realities of lifestyles that people assume are perfect; there are certainly trials to be found on the islands! However, reading the blog might well make you want to move to an island anyway, so consider yourself warned…

Travels And Tomes – – Travel
Recent Favourite: The one where the husband fell in the canal.

Ann lives with her family in Germany, and travels around Europe a lot. Her posts are full of humour, fun and tips for great places to visit. Plus, she takes excellent photos. If you’re interested in travel, this is one to read.

Adventurous Kate – – Travel
Recent Favourite: Privilege in the gardens.

One of the most well-established travel blogs out there, Adventurous Kate hardly needs an introduction. She’s been travelling around the world for years, and has built up a huge repertoire of tips, thoughts and stories to share. Definitely worth a look, especially if you’re nervous about travelling as a solo female.

Chocolaty Prints – – Travel
Recent Favourite: Five amazing things about ziplining in Mabira.

I say ‘Travel’, but Karen’s blog covers a multitude of areas, from food to beauty to haircare to travel and everything in between. She’s pretty much single-handedly convinced me that I have to go to Uganda at some point, and her photos and blog posts will almost certainly convince you of the same!

Yes And Yes – – Business/Motivation
Recent Favourite: Why and how to update your old blog posts.

A mixture of lifestyle, blogging advice, other things to look at online, and interviews with interesting people, Yes And Yes is pretty much a one-stop shop for people who want to blog. Lots of tips for small business owners as well as a relentlessly positive outlook make a great read.

The Middle Finger Project – – Business/Motivation
Recent Favourite: My pet peeve about the internet: No one teaches any goddamn substance.

If you’ve been reading business blogs for ages but want something that cuts through all the crap and tells you what you actually need to know, in a straight-talking, somewhat snarky manner, this is definitely the place for you. Ash lays it right on the line and tells it like it is, without any bullshit getting in the way. Plus, her newsletter is the only one I actually read every time it lands in my inbox.

Who did I miss? Who are your favourite lady bloggers? Let me know in the comments and I’ll check them out! 


  1. What a great way to recognise IWD. Thank you for highlighting these female bloggers and introducing me to some great new blogs. I’m a big fan of IWD and just logged in to write my own blog post in support of it. I better get typing! ……

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  2. Delighted to see a blog I wrote listed here – of course, that blog was not written as Badass Auntie, but under my real name, ‘When Gaad Comes Knocking’ – but it’s more than delightful to be recognised by another Badass. Happy International Women’s Day from Badass Auntie!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great list!! 🙂 Thanks for including me…I feel honoured to be here along with some really amazing women. And there are a few new ones for me to follow, which is great – I’ve bookmarked them to read later! 😀

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