Seven-Day Nature Photo Challenge: Day Four

The lovely Tea Lady tagged me in this challenge, which involves posting one nature photo per day for seven days, and tagging other people to take part.

This means you get seven extra posts from me: one a day for the next few days, including at the weekend!

Day Four


I’ve always been one for noticing details. Once, when I was seventeen, I walked into the office of the careers counsellor (who’s also a friend of mine) and said “Tracy! You’ve changed the piece of sellotape that holds the calendar on the wall!”

“Yes,” she replied, “and I’ve also moved the desk.”

I think noticing the details can bring a level of magic to life that we otherwise might be too busy to see. It’s always worth stopping dead in the middle of the street because you’re suddenly captivated by the blue-gold light of evening streaking through the clouds (sorry, pedestrians of Kensington).

So, today’s post is a detail of a leafy twig in the snow.

Today I’m tagging Lindsey.

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