Describe Your Ideal Day

It’s autumn. I wake up early in a small house in the middle of the countryside. I go for a walk in the fresh morning air.

 © Rightmove
© Rightmove

When I get home, I make a cafetiere of coffee and a vegan chickpea omelette, and sit down at the kitchen table for breakfast. After that I curl up in an armchair and work for a little while on scheduling content for some of my clients. Then I make a cup of tea and have a reading break before going back to work for a while, this time at my desk in the other room.

 © West Des Moines Public Library
© West Des Moines Public Library

Until mid-afternoon I work on an academic project, probably in either psychology or physics. After that I head down to the ocean and go for a swim.

The water initially feels like cold knives stabbing at my legs as I walk through the shallows, but once it gets deep enough I take a breath and plunge myself under, and then I quickly get used to the temperature and swim around.


I dry myself off and head home over the fields, stopping on the way to pick up a pretty stone. When I get home I add it to the ever-growing pile in my living room.

I open my inbox to find a new investigation case pending. It’s either (a) a quick one to solve or (b) one that will take a few days, so after working on it for several hours I allow myself to get distracted by the sound of the heavy storm outside the window.


The rain is lashing down like it wants to wash the whole world away. I run outside and race around in it. After a while, when the rain starts to die down a little, I go back inside and wrap myself up in a dressing gown that’s been hanging on the heated radiator in the bathroom.

I stand in the kitchen listening to the storm moving further away, boiling some soup and putting slices of cheese inside crusty rolls. When it’s ready, I go into the living room and light the fire. I settle down in the armchair with my soup and rolls, and a mug of hot chocolate for after.


I sit there reading until I start nodding off, then I head upstairs with the cat and get into bed. It’s cozy and the blankets are heavy. I fall asleep to the dual sounds of my favourite radio show playing quietly in the background, and the cat purring next to me.

What would your dream day look like? 


  1. My dream day is any day I have with my boyfriend 🙂 if I were to throw locations I like in, we would wake up in a peaceful hut on the side of the ocean with nothing in it but lots of delicious food. The whole day would be spent frolicking around the beach. I love picking up seashells and laying in the sand. And we’d have food so we could eat all day and be happy 🙂


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