It’s autumn. I wake up early in a small house in the middle of the countryside. I go for a walk in the fresh morning air.

 © Rightmove
© Rightmove

When I get home, I make a cafetiere of coffee and a vegan chickpea omelette, and sit down at the kitchen table for breakfast. After that I curl up in an armchair and work for a little while on scheduling content for some of my clients. Then I make a cup of tea and have a reading break before going back to work for a while, this time at my desk in the other room.

 © West Des Moines Public Library
© West Des Moines Public Library

Until mid-afternoon I work on an academic project, probably in either psychology or physics. After that I head down to the ocean and go for a swim.

The water initially feels like cold knives stabbing at my legs as I walk through the shallows, but once it gets deep enough I take a breath and plunge myself under, and then I quickly get used to the temperature and swim around.


I dry myself off and head home over the fields, stopping on the way to pick up a pretty stone. When I get home I add it to the ever-growing pile in my living room.

I open my inbox to find a new investigation case pending. It’s either (a) a quick one to solve or (b) one that will take a few days, so after working on it for several hours I allow myself to get distracted by the sound of the heavy storm outside the window.


The rain is lashing down like it wants to wash the whole world away. I run outside and race around in it. After a while, when the rain starts to die down a little, I go back inside and wrap myself up in a dressing gown that’s been hanging on the heated radiator in the bathroom.

I stand in the kitchen listening to the storm moving further away, boiling some soup and putting slices of cheese inside crusty rolls. When it’s ready, I go into the living room and light the fire. I settle down in the armchair with my soup and rolls, and a mug of hot chocolate for after.


I sit there reading until I start nodding off, then I head upstairs with the cat and get into bed. It’s cozy and the blankets are heavy. I fall asleep to the dual sounds of my favourite radio show playing quietly in the background, and the cat purring next to me.

What would your dream day look like? 

3 thoughts on “Describe Your Ideal Day

  1. My dream day is any day I have with my boyfriend 🙂 if I were to throw locations I like in, we would wake up in a peaceful hut on the side of the ocean with nothing in it but lots of delicious food. The whole day would be spent frolicking around the beach. I love picking up seashells and laying in the sand. And we’d have food so we could eat all day and be happy 🙂


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