Hello Switzerland!

Switzerland, I am in you until the end of the week.

And I’m excited.

Last year I spent a night sleeping on the concrete floor of Geneva airport in between planes. Oddly, this was a pleasant experience, because everyone around me was speaking French and it made me feel at home.

This is why I’m never allowed to go to France: I don’t think I’d come back.

Anyway, flying out of the airport I looked out of the plane window and saw the mountains, and I thought I have to come back here properly at some point. 

scarscarscar • Instagram

This week is that point.

I’m going over for DFRWS, and I’m not spending as much time there as I’d like, but hopefully it’ll be a nice introduction. I’ll be in Lausanne, staying at a hotel near the university, and wandering around in the evenings to see the sights and stuff.

Any suggestions for things I should do while I’m there would be gratefully received! I hate parties, loud noises and being around drunk people; love bookshops, quiet spaces, and nature. Suggestions, anyone?

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