Coming Up In Blog And Life

In case you hadn’t gathered from my increasingly sleep-deprived tweets, things are a little crazy right now. It’s conference season, and I have a giant backlog which is only being increased by the number of other engagements that keep dropping into my calendar.

Coming up over the next few weeks:

On the blog

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In the life

Concert tonight in London –> event tomorrow with the Green Party in London –> finally finishing work on my flat on Sunday –> going to Belgium on Monday –> rewriting the European Commission’s Privacy Directive in Belgium on Tuesday –> back on Wednesday, meeting up with a friend I haven’t seen in ages –> Hegelian philosophy conference in London on Thursday & Friday –> two days devoted to catching up on the backlog –> Forensics Europe and Counter Terror conferences –> running directly from the Counter Terror conference in London to the airport, getting on a plane to Dublin –> working at UCD for a few days with the forensics crowd there –> back on Sunday –> client meetings all day Monday –> finishing all the work I haven’t done throughout the rest of the month.


And by then it’ll be the end of April. I’m thinking about taking the first week in May off, but that would probably give me yet another backlog, and… well. It just goes on and on, doesn’t it?


Life is good. I’m living the dream. I must remember this when I’m stressed and busy. (“Living the dream,” she whispers scratchily to herself, dragging her grey exhausted body across the floor, the computer finally having been turned off. “Living the dream.”)

Just kidding, I love it really. 😉

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