Today I am in Belgium. I arrived about an hour ago to 20-degree heat, brilliant sunshine and a nice breeze.

I’m currently sitting outside a cafe with a freshly-pressed orange juice, doing my work for the day. I could totally get used to this.

While I’m more of a cold weather person in general (I did grow up in Scotland, after all), it’s nice sometimes to feel a bit of warmth after the winter.

This also means I’ve spoken French and English in pretty much equal amounts for the past couple of weeks, which makes me very happy. Having befriended people in my local French community through choir, I’ve found a way to speak it frequently in London. And last week (last week? I think last week) I was in Switzerland, and this week I’m in Belgium.

At some point I’ll just give in and finally go to France. Maybe in August. Watch this space…

Where are you today? Any travel plans for the year? 

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