Today I’m in Brussels with the European Commission, looking at the future of the ePrivacy Directive, which decides which data are allowed to be stored online.

The Directive covers everything from spam to advertising cookies, and the current one was put together in 2002, making it pretty ancient in internet terms.

internet privacy

Why should you care?

Because it literally decides who can hold data about you, and how much they can hold. If you’ve ever been angry with a company’s updated privacy; if you’ve ever tried to unsubscribe from a newsletter that didn’t have an option to do so; if you’ve ever wondered just how much information someone could find about you online, this is an important thing for you to be concerned about.

What can you do?

Today I’m speaking with a load of other stakeholders about this, so if you’re reading this on Tuesday 12th of April, email me or leave a comment to let me know if there’s anything you think should be covered.

If you’re reading this after the 12th of April, don’t worry! There’s still time to give your opinion.

The European Commission is holding an ongoing public consultancy about the future of privacy online. You can find out more details here.

Worried about not knowing enough or sounding stupid?

Don’t be.

As a citizen, you’re allowed to have a level of control over who knows what about you. It’s why you don’t hand out a manuscript containing your entire life story every time you meet someone, and instead wait until you’re friends already before having long soul-baring conversations over bottles of wine.

This is the internet version of that screening system. Get involved.

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