A Woman’s Guide to the Earth Traditions by Vivianne Crowley

Selected quotes from A Woman’s Guide to the Earth Traditions by Vivianne Crowley.

“The word Pagan is derived from the Latin. Pagans were those who worshopped the deities of the pagus or locality, rather than the new solo male god.”

“If we do not keep ourselves open to our deities, if we neglect their worship and forget them, then the channels of communication between us may be lost. This will not mean that the deities have died, but our route to them may be forgotten. We are in danger of losing the maps of the cosmos, which the myths of our ancestors revealed to us.”

“If that which thou seekest, thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee.”

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“Giordano Bruno… developed a spiritual system based on ancient Egyptian religion… Bruno attempted to convince the Pope of the merit of his new ideas and to enlist him as head of the new religion. Under torture, he recanted his heresies, but… the torture over, he recanted again, this time back to Paganism. On February 16, 1600, Giordano Bruno… was burned at the stake as a Pagan martyr.”

A Woman's Guide to the Earth Traditions by Vivianne Crowley“[In Germanic mythology] Hel, the realm of the dead, is in Niflheim. Hel does not carry the negative connotations that Christianity later placed upon it. This world is ruled by the goddess Hel, daughter of Loki, and consists of many realms both pleasant and unpleasant.”

“Hel was not the destiny of all who died. Warriors were received into Asgard to dwell in Valhalla, the Hall of the Slain, and to feast with the High Gods. Later Valhalla came to be seen as the resting place of all men and women dedicated to Odin, not just the battle-fallen.”

“[In the Baltic regions] On Spring Equinox morning, everyone tried to rise as early as possible to beat other members of the family awake. This startling alternative to the alarm clock was thought to give good health. The first person awake was rewarded with a brightly-painted egg called a margutis, which symbolises new life and the cosmic egg from which the snake Gyvate came to grant life and fertility. The Earth was also beaten to awaken the life force from its winter sleep.”

“[Among the Navajo] First Man raised his medicine bundle towards the sacred mountain of Gobernador Knob, and from this powerful act, Changing Woman was born.”

“The circle guarded by the four quarters, the circle-cross, appears in the symbolism of many peoples from Native Americans to Celts.”

“Magical will is not about effort. It operates more like the muscles of a trained athlete – at ease and without strain.”

“The problem remains that it is difficult for those educated in Western intellectualism to let go of their rigid thought structures sufficiently to enter trance states and achieve what Assagioli calls ‘letting go yet being fully present’.”

A Woman’s Guide to the Earth Traditions by Vivianne Crowley is available to buy on Amazon.

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