Introducing Freelance Fridays!

Some of my favourite features on other people’s blogs are interviews with various people. Sarah does her ‘True Stories’ series, where people share interesting things about themselves. Caitlin does her ‘Vegan Traveller’ series, which documents people who travel whilst following a vegan diet.

So, in true blogger style, I thought I’d steal borrow the whole interview idea and set up my own interview series.

Welcome to Freelance Fridays


What is it?

I think freelancing is wonderful. Leaving my old job and setting up on my own was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, even if it wasn’t easy.

But there are so many things to think about: what should you do? How should you sell yourself? Will you ever make as much money as you used to? What if it all goes wrong?

One of the best ways to convince yourself that something’s possible is to hear from people who have already done it.

So I’m going to interview one freelancer every Friday about their work, their life, and the balance between the two.

Who will be interviewed? 

Literally anyone who does any kind of freelance work. If you freelance on the side while working a 9-to-5 job, if you freelance full-time, if you’ve only just started, if you’ve been at it for decades: I want to hear from all of you.

One of the brilliant things about freelancing is how flexible it is. How many lifestyles it fits into.

How will it work? 

I’ll email you some questions. You’ll email me back some answers. Done.

I’ll also include links to your site/blog/work/ways people can get in touch with you etc. So hopefully it’ll open up some opportunities for more clients too.

Interested in being interviewed? 

Drop me a line.

And if you have any ideas for questions, I’m open to those too! I’ll have a few questions that I ask everyone, and a few that I make specific to the featured freelancer each week.

I’m excited to learn all about you!

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