Sometimes you’re just not feeling it, and that’s OK

It can be weird, as a blogger, to do… well, anything. It’s easy to think that you have to be 100% ‘on’ all the time, so you can remember not to miss anything you might want to write about later.

And trust me, this is even the case if you have a reeeaalllyy tiny reader base *waves at readers*

THOSE TIMES WHEN you're just not feeling it

I think this is sometimes especially pertinent if you write about travelling. I’ve cancelled a lot of the trips I was supposed to be going on this year, for a variety of reasons, and in doing so I somehow made myself feel like I had to get so much more out of the few I’m still going on.

But sometimes you’re just not in the mood, and you know what? That’s OK. We’re all human.

Sometimes you’re in a really beautiful place, and you can tell that if you were there solely for recreation, and feeling all chilled, and if it weren’t so fucking expensive, you’d almost certainly be having a good time.

But you’re not.

And yeah, that’s definitely a #firstworldproblem and not really something to complain about, but I think it’s also something you have to forgive yourself for, rather than beating yourself up over it.

Case in point: I recently visited Lausanne, Switzerland. 

I was there for a conference. This was the view from the conference centre:

Lausanne, Switzerland

In other words, it was lovely. As you can see, the sun was shining and the views were breathtaking.

During one of the evening outings, we went to the Olympic museum. Whilst it wasn’t the kind of place I’d have chosen to go, it was actually quite interesting. There was a game which involved memorising lit-up buttons and then hitting them once they’d gone dark again, which was fun. We all got a bit competitive with it.

We wandered around the centre of town for a while looking for a bar, and ended up in one sampling the local wines and beers, as is usually the case with the forensics conference crew. We had an impassioned debate with an American colleague about Trump, Bush and Republicans. My hotel room was clean and comfortable. Everyone around me was speaking French all the time, except in the conference itself.

And yet.

And yet… I just wasn’t fully there. Even while I was wandering round the museum, even while I was clinking glasses with my colleagues in the pub, even while I was at the gala dinner having wonderful food along with good company, my mind was back home.

I just wanted to be in my flat, in my bed, asleep.

But what am I going to write on my blog if I’m like this, I thought. What if I don’t have enough travel content for the year? 

Well, scar, so what if you don’t? You’ll just have to *gasp* write about some other subjects.

Anyway, I am rambling so I shall wrap it up.

In summary: Sometimes you go somewhere, and you can tell it’s cool, but you just don’t feel it. And that’s OK, even if you run a travel blog, even if you know you’re immensely lucky to be there in the first place.

Let yourself off the hook a bit. Go back home at the end of your trip, and do what you need to do to recharge.

</open letter to myself>

P.S. Any comments along the lines of “It’s not just you” would be highly appreciated 😉

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