I freakin’ love parsnips.

If you’d told that to child scar, she never would have believed you. I wasn’t a fussy eater – my family was one of those that didn’t permit that to be a thing – but there were foods I didn’t like, and parsnips were definitely on that list.

So I avoided them for years, until as an adult I tentatively retried them and was hooked.

The other day I had a load to use up, so I thought I’d add a honey-miso glaze and bake them in the oven for a bit.

Ohhhh it was good.

Parsnips with a miso-honey glaze

You will need:

  • some parsnips
  • some honey
  • some white miso paste (not miso soup mix)
  • a little bit of olive oil
  • a pinch of salt

You will need to:

Slice the parsnips lengthways so they end up in nice long strips. This helps them go all curly in the oven later.

Speaking of ovens, you should probably be preheating yours right about now, to roughly 200. Although I always forget this stage so my cooking takes longer than it’s meant to.

Pour the honey into a bowl and add the miso paste and salt. Mix it up.

Add a bit of olive oil to a roasting tin / baking tray / available receptacle.

Spread the parsnip strips over the receptacle.

Pour the mixture from the bowl over them.

Leave them in the oven for fucking years while you go off and do stuff, forget they’re in there, and then panic later because you suddenly remember you were cooking. Oh shit.

But actually, they work quite well when they’ve been a bit overbaked.

You can keep them in the fridge for a few days and gradually add them to dishes, or you can pile them onto an ostrich steak and have a very decadent evening.


Happy weekend!

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