I write because…

The other day, Nothing To Puzzle wrote an Everyday Inspiration post about why she writes. She then invited her readers to think about the question as well.

The prompt was “I write because…” and the idea is that you finish the sentence with something that describes why you write.

My brain, unusually for something that likes to get into the complicated nitty-gritty of things, immediately came up with a three-word answer:

I have to.

And it’s true. I cannot imagine a world in which I could not write.

I have written at least something every day for as long as I can remember knowing how to do so.

I’ve written diary entries and stories, letters and poems, essays and thought experiments and research projects. Blog posts and magazine articles, books and reviews, correspondences and journals and pages where the words bled into pictures.

A selection of some of my journals
A selection of some of my journals

Writing, for me, is like eating: A necessity of life, one that isn’t always pleasant but is always a part of my day. And without which I can’t fathom what my life would be, or if it would be a life at all.

Why do you write? 


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