Three-Day Quote Challenge

I was tagged by Estprophet518 to do a three-day quote challenge. And I like challenges, and I also like quotes, so I figured why not?

The idea is to post three quotes each day for three days. Here’s my first day’s worth of quotes.

On Women and the CIA

Last week I read Six Car Lengths Behind An Elephant by Lillian McCloy. It’s a memoir of her life as the wife of a CIA deep cover agent. His work took the family all around the world, and the memoir is an excellent read.

My favourite quote, however, was about why McCloy believes women would make the best CIA agents.

“The CIA should be comprised totally of women, because women can smell intrigue everywhere. We are natural detectives, predisposed to suspicion, as well as unwilling to stop probing until all the details are laid out.

Women will briskly go through the contents of a wastebasket, pants’ pockets, glove compartments, desk drawers, briefcases and even a hairbrush.

They will study a telephone index for numbers with no names, or only initials. They will not hesitate to call a number, fully prepared to engage in conversation with the person who answers. Women can wing it.

Women will study credit card bills and business calendars. They will examine the collars and even the underwear in the laundry hamper. They will smoothly pick up a telephone extension to listen to a call. There is nothing sacred when a woman is “on a mission”.

We stop at nothing. We will dig for details until our teeth itch. We want the pain. We will not be duped. We are born spies.”

On Success and Discontent

From Solitude by Anthony Storr, one of my favourite books.

“Man’s extraordinary success as a species springs from his discontent, which compels him to employ his imagination. The type of modern man who exhibits more discontent than any other, Western man, has been the most successful. It is always the dissatisfied who triumph.

Discontent, therefore, may be considered adaptive because it encourages the use of the imagination, and thus spurs men on to further conquests and to ever-increasing mastery of the environment.”

Which, in turn, reminded me of this quote by Fran Leibowitz, which I have always enjoyed:


If you’d like to do this challenge, consider yourself tagged! 😀

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