Three-Day Quote Challenge: Day Three

I was tagged by Estprophet518 to do a three-day quote challenge. And I like challenges, and I also like quotes, so I figured why not?

The idea is to post three quotes each day for three days. Here’s day three.


“Sigismund-August relapsed into despair and insomnia. He locked himself into his castle at Knyszyn near the Lithuanian border and refused to receive his senators. He died on 7 July 1572, surrounded by a motley company of quacks, astrologers and witches, in a room hung in black.” – Norman Davies, Vanished Kingdoms 

On Changing The World

<<Tu étais un héros et moi un excentrique, mais cela revient au même, tu comprends ? L’un et l’autre, nous pensions être capables de changer le monde qui nous entourait. Nous étions tous les deux frappés par la même malédiction.>> – Selden Edwards, L’Incroyable Histoire de Wheeler Burden

… which, translated, means:

“You were a hero and I an eccentric, but that amounts to the same thing, you see? Each of us thought ourselves capable of changing the world which surrounded us. We were both struck by the same curse.”

On Being The Person You Want To Be


If you want to do this challenge, consider yourself tagged! 🙂

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