Shit Jenga

I was talking to my friend the other day about how life seems to have this habit of piling all the annoying crap on at once.

You can’t just have the car break down, you also have to break your heel and the cat has to throw up on the important document you’ve been waiting for.

You can’t just tear your calf muscle and be laid up for two weeks, you have to do it when you need to do surveillance for an investigation that wasn’t going well in the first place.

You can’t just have a friend who’s seriously ill, you also must have problems with work and a variety of new and interesting situations popping up in your life and stressing you out ALL AT ONCE.

Why? she asked me, sitting at the desk next to mine as both of us stared angrily at our inboxes, wanting to refuse to work but needing the money.

(c) on Flickr
(c) on Flickr

“Because life is a game of shit Jenga,” I replied. “It can’t just give you one thing to deal with; it has to pile thing after thing on top of you, giggling slightly with each precarious addition, until eventually it all falls down around you and Life sits there, clapping its hands and giving you a small breather while it leans back and laughs at your pain, before it gathers up the pieces and begins piling the shit Jenga again.”

So, there you have it. Life is a game of shit Jenga, and that’s why sometimes everything all falls down.


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