2016 Reflections: Music

Spotify has the ability to create a playlist of stuff you’ve listened to the most over the past year. It’s interesting to look at what I’ve been listening to (and always amusing to see Cecilia Bartoli next to Necro…)

It’s quite an accurate round-up of what my year has been like.

If my 2016 playlist could speak, it might say something like:

In February, scar joined a choir, where she learned lots of new songs. This eventually made her go to a singing teacher to make sure she was doing everything properly, and that in turn prompted a newfound obsession with Cecilia Bartoli.

She spent quite a lot of time throughout the year listening to songs she finds motivational, to make her do boring but important things like put bits of furniture together and clean up after the builders. 

At one point, Lia and Umit covered ‘Angel’ by Sarah McLachlan and it reminded her how much she loved that song, so she played it repeatedly for a while. 

She spent a lot of time singing whilst doing the washing up. It is her favourite kind of mini-concert: window open, water steaming, singing to the street. She made friends with the people in the house next door when they knocked on her door and said they enjoyed these washing-up-singing sessions. It made her happy to know her vocal gymnastics were making people smile. 

Normally she’s a bit weird about listening to music that doesn’t have lyrics – and by ‘a bit weird’, I mean ‘she doesn’t’ – but Hildur Guðnadóttir changed that with her hauntingly beautiful cello pieces. 

Bowie died, which sucked. She spent a few weeks obsessively listening to his eponymous first album, which she’d loved as a teenager, and to Blackstar, which felt especially pertinent because it came out at a time when several people around her had cancer as well. 

In October she fulfilled a lifelong dream by going to see Renaud live. He played some songs from his new album, which she loved so much that she got bits of them tattooed on her, bringing the total number of Renaud-themed tattoos to two. 


Sporadically, she went to the gym throughout the year, although it turned out she’s become fully West London by being essentially allergic to cheap gyms (disgusting weird rashes, the works…). The gym playlist includes such gems as ‘Demons’ by Sleigh Bells and ‘One More’ by Superchick. 

She spent several stretches of time listening to her “Leave Me Alone” playlist, which she puts on when she needs to work on something long and intense, and doesn’t want to be disturbed. 

And some songs, of course, she simply liked. 

What was your soundtrack to 2016? Find out here.


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