Our Magic Hour by Jennifer Down

Katy, Adam and Audrey have been BFFs forever. They know everything about each other – all their shady secrets, all their likes and dislikes and stories of lost loves. Even now that they’re adults, their lives still intertwine – a friendship that stretches across the years and binds them together for all time.

So when Katy suddenly kills herself, it punches a pretty big hole in Audrey and Adam’s lives.

And not only do they miss her, of course; they’re also left with the question of why they didn’t know. How did they not work out that this was about to happen? Was their friendship really as rock-solid as they thought?


Now Audrey is thrown off kilter. Finding it hard to define who she is, and what her place in the world might now look like, she sinks deep into a depression from which she can’t seem to claw her way out.

As the story winds on, Audrey becomes increasingly desperate and takes bigger risks to try to find her equilibrium once more. Will she succeed, or will the jolt of her friend’s suicide leave an indelible mental whiplash?

It’s an interesting novel, because it deals with both sides of the story – what it’s like to be someone who’s sinking into despair, but also what it’s like to be around them. The constant drag of living with someone with depression; even when you love them, even when all you want to do is look out for them, there’s still this… thing between you all the time.

The characters are well put together and likeable, and Our Magic Hour provides a surprisingly easy read for a book that deals with such a heavy subject.

Unusually for a book about a descent into madness, it didn’t particularly strike a chord with me. I read it over the holidays, and when I picked it up to review this morning I had to re-read the blurb to remind myself what it’d said. Although that might just be the haze of Xmas wine 😉

If you’re looking for a quick, interesting read, this is a candidate. It didn’t shatter my world, but it was a good novel with a solid storyline and likeable characters.

Our Magic Hour was published by TEXT on the 29th of December 2016.

I received a review copy of this book from the publisher. All views are my own. 

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