The Dry by Jane Harper

I do like a good crime novel, and this one dropped through my letterbox on a day when I was stressed and desperate for a bit of a release.

And it was Good.

The Dry by Jane Harper
The Dry by Jane Harper

The Dry follows the story of Aaron Falk, who returns to his childhood hometown for his friend Luke’s funeral.

Except that it’s not quite as straightforward as that, because Luke killed himself after murdering his wife and their young son, leaving only their baby daughter alive.

…or did he? 

Falk isn’t sure, and neither is the local cop who’s been assigned to the case. Falk himself is a policeman, and joins the investigation to try to clear his friend’s name. But, like in any good thriller, dark secrets abound, and some of them threaten to muddy the waters and make the case impossible to solve.

It’s a good solid thriller with a nice twist in the tail. Well, maybe ‘nice’ isn’t quite the word… 😉

I found myself making the same guesses about whodunnit as Falk himself, which is a good sign – the characters are well-rounded and realistic, and Falk is just the kind of protagonist I like: a bit difficult, not exactly squeaky-clean himself, and therefore hugely relatable.

I’d definitely recommend The Dry if you’re a fan of crime fiction.


I received a review copy of The Dry from the publisher. All views are my own. 


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