The Return of the Weekly Round-Up

As we all know, I’ve been offline a lot lately, and work hasn’t exactly been as busy as it normally is, due to my organs rebelling against their allocated tasks and rising up in a kind of painful internal revolution.

I’m not blogging as often either, mainly because my brain feels like it’s made of cotton wool that’s been drenched in chloroform. But it’s looking like this whole situation is going to be dragging on for fucking ages, and so I’ve decided to return to doing a round-up post once a week on this blog, for four reasons:

  1. There’s generally one day a week when I feel vaguely alive.
  2. I’d like to keep some kind of blog activity going.
  3. While I’m not able to do anywhere near as much as usual, I am still getting some stuff done. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that because of the amount of time I’m currently spending lying on the sofa watching Netflix, but I think it’d be good to reassure myself that I am still living my life, albeit in slo-mo.
  4. People keep asking me for updates on how I am and what condition my health is in, and it’s exhausting to have the same conversation 46 times, so if you want updates, you now know where to get them.

So, without further ado, the round-up of the last week or so.

Last week was particularly shit. They’d given me some new pills because my symptoms weren’t getting any less severe. Apparently these pills are so strong that they’re very reluctant to give them out, and they can have some weird side effects. I’d been rejoicing silently that the horrible side effects hadn’t shown up, and then I came to the end of the course of pills. You’re only allowed to take them for a short while due to their aforementioned extra-strong nature.

And then when I came off them, I got all the horrible side effects as withdrawal symptoms instead, which apparently can happen sometimes. I’m not going to go into what they were, because it was horrible and I’d rather forget it, but suffice to say if you’ve ever watched someone coming off heroin, it wasn’t dissimilar to that.

So that pretty much wrote off the latter part of last week for any kind of activity. I gave up on even trying to do any work and spent the week alternating between listening to and watching things on Netflix.

I listened to Star Trek: The Animated Series, because as part of my ongoing lifegoal to be one of those extra-cool people who have watched every Star Trek episode ever, I decided I probably shouldn’t neglect TAS in the interest of thoroughness. However, it is particularly awful to watch, because it was made in about 1910 and the animation is terrible, and almost everything about it is visually very irritating. Luckily, on Wednesday I went blind for four hours, and then for the rest of the week my vision was blurry, and so I listened to it instead of watching, and imagined the actors acting rather than voicing badly-animated people.

^ This is not The Animated Series, but honestly I think the animated effects might be better…


Ok, I’ll stop shouting now. Seriously though, she’s fucking excellent.

So hot. Also a total badass.

I watched Blunt Talk, which I think normally I wouldn’t have liked because tbh it’s a bit silly, but it was exactly the kind of distraction I needed.

And then I watched the latest season of OITNB, which is absolutely not silly and just keeps getting better and hitting harder with each passing series. This one punches you straight in the gut with its brutal commentary on the US prison system. If you haven’t started watching yet, you must.

Now I’m watching season 2 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which I stopped watching a while ago because I found it a bit too ridiculous, but now I’m getting back into it because my brain enjoys ridiculous when it’s soaked in drugs and unable to fully function.

Any other recommendations always appreciated – there’s a growing list in my notebook!

I am weirdly averse to watching movies, for reasons I’ve yet to figure out, but TV shows I can binge-watch for days.

But it wasn’t all Netflix and lying on the sofa. I also did a bit of work.

Mainly proofreading and editing things. And I interviewed Chuck Easttom about how mathematical models can be used to enhance digital forensic investigations.

I also voted, and Kensington went Labour! How exciting. While I was out voting, I came across this amusing and highly appropriate graffiti on Kensington High Street, where the old Odeon cinema is currently being made into flats.

On the one day when I felt like I had a lot of energy, I thoroughly cleaned my bathroom, which was very satisfying and made having a bath a much nicer experience.

And that, readers, is the level of excitement that’s happening in my life at the moment. 😉


  1. If you’ve not watched any Better Call Saul yet, I’d highly recommend it. And the new episodes of American Gods as they come out! Hope your health improves soon, thinking of you x

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