Writing The Weekly Round-Up While I Try Not To Melt…

It is very hot today. The BBC says London could hit 33 degrees. I am not good with heat in general; my windows are all open from March-November, and as soon as it hits about 16 I start to feel too warm. I can’t help it, I’m from Scotland.

So today’s heat is a bit of a pain to begin with, and then there’s the added annoyance of the fact that I’m not allowed to drink water until 6pm.

Today I’m going for various procedures at the hospital, in an ongoing attempt to see which of my organs are failing and how badly, and because of this I’m not allowed to consume anything all day, including water. Normally I’m a two-litres-a-day girl, so this is a challenge in the first place, let alone when I feel like I’m melting away in the heat.

The cat is also not a fan of the hot weather. We both have too much hair for this.

Last week was not as bad as the week before. I managed to get a small amount of work done but was still quite tired and achy, so spent a lot of time in the bath.

In work-related news, I interviewed Runawaykiwi about her new app for Londoners, and rounded up the latest news from the Forensic Focus forums.

I also submitted part of the book I’m still writing, although the publication date keeps moving further and further back. Initially it was supposed to be already in the final stages, but I still have two chapters and a conclusion left to write, along with a few other bits and pieces that need to be tweaked. Luckily my editor is being an angel about the whole thing, but last week I decided I needed to buckle up and do some writing even if my brain was a bit fuzzy. So if the book about Windows forensics actually ends up being about gremlins, you’ll know what’s happened.

In Netflix news, I watched the second series of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which was amusing, and also weirdly relatable in parts if you’re an ex cult member.

At the weekend I had a bit of energy, so I started stripping the wallpaper in my living room, which is one of my favourite DIY jobs. It’s a bit like peeling sunburn: a mixture of satisfying and frustrating.

In bath-related news, I fully recommend the following as a recipe for a bath that will make it smell like you’re lying inside a cake. This is particularly scrumptious if you’re currently unable to eat solids.

  • Radox bath salts (these ones)
  • Radox Feel Pampered bubble bath (this one)
  • A cinnamon scented candle
  • An ESPA Soothing candle (this one)

(I have in no way been asked to make, or reimbursed for making, these recommendations, they are all genuinely just things that make my bath smell like a cake.)

Today I am awaiting the arrival of the BFF, who is escorting me to the hospital because they’re sedating me so apparently I need a “responsible adult” to take me home. Then we’re going to sit around watching Black Books while she laughs at me for being high on whatever they sedate me with.


  1. Hope your poking and prodding goes ok! I picked up my girlfriend from the dental hospital recently after she’d been sedated – there was a disappointing lack of hilarious nonsense babbling! I was at least hoping for something I could send in to You’ve Been Framed for £250…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have a dental hospital one looming at some point too, I think there’s a lot of sedation in my future 😉 unfortunately the hospital messed up and there was an “administrative error” that meant I didn’t get poked and prodded (full story in next week’s round-up!), so back to waiting for a new appointment…

      I picked up a friend from sedation once and she started hallucinating daffodils, which was quite amusing!


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