I caught up with Dr. Walid Abdul-Hamid, Consultant Psychiatrist & Clinical Director at Priory Dubai, to talk about mental health, living abroad, and the options Priory has for those who need help.

Priory has been well established in the UK for many years, and has recently branched out to open a Wellness Centre in the UAE. The Dubai centre brings the same treatment options as the UK’s centres to the UAE, with services offered in Arabic and English. Dr. Abdul-Hamid elaborates:

The Wellbeing Centre in Dubai is part of the wider Priory network of mental health services of clinics and hospitals based in the UK. The first stage of helping any of our patients is to give them a comprehensive psychiatric assessment that will result in establishing a diagnosis of any disorder and its causes. Then a management plan is discussed with the patient that will usually involve medication, psychotherapy or a combination of both.

The Wellbeing Centre can support people with depression, anxiety, stress, family relationship problems, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorders, young persons’ mental health and personality disorders.

Regarding the reasons why people are reticent to spend time in wellness centres like Priory, Dr. Abdul-Hamid had this to say:

There is the usual concern of the stigma surrounding mental health that unfortunately can still stop people from seeking early psychological help in order to prevent psychiatric problems from becoming more chronic and complex. Unfortunately, we still see people in the 21st century who think that psychiatric disorders are a weakness and not an illness and this belief can stop them from seeking help in a timely manner.

Read the full interview on Expat Focus

Find out more about Priory Group here

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