The Bath Is My Best Friend Now

I didn’t quite break my 15-hour record for time spent in the bath in one go this week, but I did hit ten hours which is still pretty impressive.

From Friday-Sunday I was very unwell but today I’m a bit better, so that’s nice. This of course means I’m trying to catch up with everything, which in turn means I’ll probably wear myself out, but oh well.

My biggest news this week is that I FINALLY HAVE A DATE FOR SURGERY! Having been waiting since the beginning of March, this is very welcome. I’m going in at the end of October, at which point the nice surgeon will remove the angriest of the internal organs, and then hopefully the others will settle down and return to their normal selves without its influence. Honestly, peer pressure these days. Even internal organs are succumbing.

This means my annual Hallowe’en party isn’t happening, but I was prepared for that anyway. It also means I need to cancel my Neil Diamond ticket *cries* but at least I’ll hopefully be back on my feet and able to fully function again by the end of December. Just in time for Xmas, during which I normally take a couple of weeks off to veg out on the sofa and watch movies, but that’s basically all I’ve been doing this year anyway so I think I’ll spend some time doing something else. I do have a plan, but for the moment it’s a secret. Shhhhh. 

I flipped over my calendar today and it came up with this picture, which I’m hoping is prophetic and will mean that I’ll no longer be ill any time I eat ANYTHING.

I know, I know, taking prophecies from calendars. A girl can dream. Especially when she’s desperate.

Being ill means I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix again – this week it’s been Full House, which I hated at first but I was too tired lazy to move my finger and change it, so I carried on and now I’m hooked. I also watched the first episode of Star Trek: Discovery (what are we shortening that to? ST:D just doesn’t seem right) and I reacted as I expected. It’s alright, but it’s not very Star Trekky. Yet. Maybe it’ll improve. Often the first few episodes of a series aren’t quite up to scratch, and then the characters grow into their relationships and it gets better. The first two seasons of Voyager don’t really do it for me either, and that’s one of my favourite shows.

Those Klingons though. Discovery writers, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

They look like orcs. And setting aside the fact that I can’t stand Lord of the Rings so I’m probably biased against orcs in the first place, they just don’t look Klingon. It’s not just the lack of hair (*silently mourns Worf’s mane*), it’s the ridiculous costumes. Would Klingons really get themselves done up in so much shiny gold stuff – admittedly spiky shiny gold stuff – that it made fighting harder? I think not.

But I’ll stick with Discovery for now, if only for the sake of Star Trek loyalty. Maybe it’ll get better *prays to Kahless*

In other news, I had to bathe the cat and now I know what her “I hate you” face looks like.

Pure hatred, right there

She forgave me a couple of days later, and her fur is all shiny and silky and soft, which makes me want to bathe her more often but if I did that she might move out or something. Unfortunately she still smells like poo, which was why I bathed her in the first place, so I’m going to try one more round of bum-fur clipping and if that fails I’ll take her to the vet. Having a cat is so cool, seriously.

Aside from that, I haven’t done a lot except manage other people doing work over at Bohemiacademia, my freelance agency. Take a look at what we’ve been up to this week.

How’s your week been?


  1. Scar. Sadness for the no halloween and no Neil Diamond but I’m sending all the positive thoughts in the universe your way for your surgery!!!! Your angry kitty! It kinda doesn’t make sense to me why cats don’t like baths because its indulgent and rubby, you think they would love them lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oooo thanks for the button! 😀 I’m on Twitter (and most other social media) @jeviscachee

      Yeah, you’d think they’d be cool with them, but Fifi is definitely not a fan of water. She calmed down a bit after the first six times she’d scrambled away and jumped out of the bath, I think she ended up being resigned to her fate 😉


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