Socialising In An Antisocial Way

The past week hasn’t been massively interesting – sometimes it can be weird being a blogger, because it’s easy to feel like you have to do something thrilling at least as often as you’re posting. However the purpose of the weekly round-ups is mainly to keep my friends informed of whether I’m still alive, and to make sure they know roughly what state my health is in so they don’t have to actually ask me.

Basically I use blogging as a way to be even more antisocial than I otherwise would be. (That could be an interesting academic study, surely. Use of social solutions on the internet to deliberately decrease social interactions in real life.)

This week has been OK healthwise, relatively speaking. I’ve had enough energy to work every day, but I’ve had to go to bed early (and by ‘early’ I mean ‘at about 5pm’).

On Friday I had an appointment with the doctor, but he forgot about me and being British I spent two hours sitting in the waiting room not wanting to make a fuss before I finally approached the receptionist, apologised for disturbing her (naturally) and enquired as to whether and when I would have my appointment. Luckily he was still in the surgery and hadn’t gone home or anything, so I managed to catch up with him eventually.

Work-wise I’ve done a bit of proofreading, written an article, added two new freelancers to the books at Bohemiacademia, onboarded two new clients, and managed other people who are doing most of the actual work.

Non-work-wise, apart from two medical appointments, I’ve spent most of the week watching Full House. So many seasons! I’m nearly done. Then I’ll watch Fuller House. It’s one of those series I didn’t like to begin with but gradually it’s grown on me and now I’m fully committed and can’t stop watching.

In other news, the cat stopped smelling of shit after I gave her a bath, but then a few days later she started smelling of piss instead. Now she has that unclean-hamster-cage musk. I think a trip to the vet may be in order, but at the moment the thought of doing that invokes the same level of pre-exhaustion that planning to climb a small mountain would normally invoke. It needs to happen, though, so I guess that’ll probably take place sometime this week. In the meantime she’s sleeping innocently on her chair, pretending not to be a stinky disobedient animal who uses my whole house as her toilet.

Aww. So disgusting.

So far today I’ve worked, rearranged the kitchen / office space, and had calls with two of my clients about ongoing projects. In other words, I’ve been feeling OK today which is nice, but now I’ve overdone it and I can almost guarantee that I’m going to crash at some point this week. Oh well, it was worth it just to feel normal for a few hours.

How’s your week been?


  1. It was funny, because I saw the picture of your kitty and thought ” awww. so disgusting” and then saw that was the caption you wrote! ( Love it when that happens) If it makes you feel any better, I think WordPress is the best non-social social media. Its very real, and you are letting people in in a way that you can’t do on something like instagram….with pictures of eggs lol.

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    1. Haha brilliant! I think our minds work in very similar ways 😉

      And yes, I love blogging because I can write whatever I like and people can either read it or not, but if they do then they don’t have to get in touch with me and ask how my week’s been, because they already know.

      I’m a big fan of instagram too though, I use it as a kind of day-to-day diary. I don’t post on here every day but I’m on instagram almost daily.


  2. Not every week should be interesting and some weeks should for relaxing; I believe this helps :).
    With being a fellow British person too, I never want to cause a rift and actually ask how long people are going to be so I totally get what you mean.

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