If the apocalypse is happening then at least I’ll be listening to a cheesy 90s playlist when it goes down

London today is bathed in a strange orange light, making it look like the beginning of an apocalyptic movie and prompting the same level of panic from English people on social media as when three flakes of snow fall on the Southern railway lines.

Personally I think it’s rather beautiful. Then again, I do have a whole childhood’s experience of living with people who genuinely believe in the actual End of Days. Like, one that’s going to be brought by god and we’re all going to die because we’re actually being controlled by Satan even though we don’t know it. So it stands to reason that I ended up an apocalypse skeptic. I think today’s sky is mainly just dust, but it’s pretty dust so whatever.

The view from my living room window this morning

My grandmother of course would have said the huge storm must be from people throwing cats in the sea. Really it’s remarkable that I turned out at all rational.

This cat has not been in the sea. She has been in the bath though, which she was equally unimpressed about.

Anyway this week has been pretty good. I haven’t felt like I’m about to die, which is always nice, and I’ve managed to get quite a lot done, including cleaning the flat which it desperately needed.

For some reason Bohemiacademia seems to be getting more potential clients coming through at the moment. I have no idea what’s prompted this, but it’s been fun scoping out some new projects (and then giving them to other people to do the actual work, of course).

Naturally I’ve still been very tired, especially since I did the cleaning, so I’ve spent a lot of time Netflixing. I’ve done all of Full House, all of Fuller House, and all of One Day At A Time. 

One Day At A Time was excellent – if you like Jane the Virgin, I think you’ll enjoy it. There’s a new season of that too, of course, so that’s my plan for this evening. Curl up in a chair with a chocolate brownie sundae and watch a telenovela as the sky rages outside. Sounds like fun.

Yesterday the BFF dropped by, which was nice. He’d created me a playlist of incredible 90s cheese, which made me so very happy. (Perspicacious readers will have noticed that ‘the BFF’ pops up from time to time and seems to change gender. This is because there are a few people to whom I ascribe that title, because I am immensely lucky in the friendship stakes.)


Stuff I did this week

…other than watching Netflix and listening to 90s music.

Stuff I read this week

  • The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut
  • How To Disappear Completely by Kelsey Osgood
  • Hungry Hell by Kate Chisholm
  • Vergil’s Aeneid
  • Candide by Voltaire
  • The Research Companion by Petra M. Boynton
  • A Boy Called Hope by Lara Williamson

How’s your week been?

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