Hello, I’m Back

I am back online after ten days off for surgery and recuperation. Recovery is ongoing – I’m not going to be running any marathons ever for at least the next eight weeks, but I’m home and out of bed.

The team were very nice. The surgeon came to see me the morning after and said the operation had taken twice as long as usual. I also have twice the normal number of scars, because things didn’t exactly go to plan.

Normally when they’re removing an organ, they make a little slice or two and take it all out in one piece. Mine, however, basically fell apart in his hands, so he had to make four incisions in order to get enough purchase to remove the whole thing. So it turns out that when the BFF and I have been joking about how my organs were melting over the past few months, we actually weren’t far wrong.

Accurate representation of my insides in 2017

The surgeon couldn’t believe I’d been made to wait as long as I had; he said I should have been admitted as an emergency case when I first went to A&E back at the beginning of March. It was quite pleasing to have a medical professional say that, since I’d been wondering all year whether I was just making a huge fuss over nothing and if I’d somehow developed a much lower pain threshold than I’ve traditionally had. But nope. Literally falling apart.

I’m not bothered by an increased number of scars; after all, it goes with the name 😉 and as the saying goes:

It’s all healing fairly well, although I have a couple of post-surgery side effects that they’re a little concerned about. We’re keeping an eye on them though so hopefully all should be fine.

For those who are tempted to ask me to meet up, I’m very unlikely to be back to socialising before January, and I’ll be taking it slowly even then, so it might be a while before I’m up for hanging out. In the meantime, that’s what the internet is for.

I haven’t done anything noteworthy over the past week beyond lying in hospital and then lying in bed at home, but now I’m back at my desk in the kitchen so normal(ish) service should resume from this week onwards.

It’s good to be back 🙂


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