Twelve Days Of Netflix: Day Two | Freaks And Geeks

In February I continued watching Star Trek: Voyager, but since that was the first day of Netflix I’m cheating and bringing you Freaks and Geeks, which I watched in March, for day two.

Freaks and Geeks was a 90s TV show which I’d never seen, because in the 90s I didn’t have a TV.

Freaks And Geeks

The show follows the story of a bunch of teenagers: Lindsey, her younger brother Sam, and their friends.

It’s a coming-of-age series that follows Lindsey’s struggle as she tries to fit in at high school. She’s always been consistently academic: a mathlete (why don’t we have those here?! I would have been all over that), band geek, straight-A student; but now she’s tired of being so good all the time. Lindsey starts hanging out with some new friends, much to the consternation of her parents and her oldest friend, the super-religious Bible basher Millie.

Of course, getting in with the wrong crowd presents its own setbacks, and as Lindsey’s parents and teachers try to set her back on her old path, she feels increasingly isolated.

Lindsey’s brother Sam and his friends are the ‘geeks’ of the title (Lindsey & co. being the ‘freaks’), and they have their own hilarious Napoleon Dynamite-esque teenage problems to deal with.

In turns relatable, cringey, hilarious and moving, Freaks and Geeks is a classic and it’s easy to see how it kickstarted the careers of several of its stars.

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