Twelve Days Of Netflix: Day Four | Gilmore Girls

Another classic which I’d somehow never seen, Gilmore Girls tells the story of Lorelai and her daughter, who’s also called Lorelai but is commonly known as Rory.

Gilmore Girls

As the only child of a single mother, I appreciate any show that demonstrates the complexity of that kind of relationship. Add into the mix that Lorelai is ditzy af and Rory is an intellectual who often ends up mothering her mother, and this is a show I was destined to love.

And love it I did, although by the end of the show I despised Lorelai. She’s essentially a spoilt brat who wants all the good parts of having grown up incredibly rich, without having to deal with any of the fallout. Rory, on the other hand, is much more mature: she understands the concept of compromise, she’s nowhere near as self-centred as her mother, and she’s willing to listen to (and learn from) people around her.

Naturally both of them have love interests throughout the show, but I didn’t want Lorelai to get together with any of hers because frankly she seemed like the kind of person who shouldn’t be in a relationship: supremely spoilt and desperate to always have everything her way.

But my hatred for Lorelai didn’t well up until a few seasons in, by which point I was committed to watching it. Besides, I liked Rory a lot, and several of the other characters also had very enjoyable arcs.

I think the show’s probably relatable for many people, but especially so if you’ve been in the only-child-single-parent dynamic.

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