Twelve Days of Netflix: Day Eight | The Keepers


A Netflix original focusing on the true story of some investigators trying to uncover what happened to a nun who was murdered decades ago, The Keepers drags on a bit but is interesting in its subject matter.

Sister Cathy Cesnik taught English and Drama at a high school in Baltimore, but her murder was never solved even though she was a much-loved member of the school community. Some of her former students believe Cesnik was murdered to cover up child abuse that had been going on at the school, and the investigation aims to work out whether a cover-up took place, and if so, who the real culprit is.

It feels a bit like it’s being dragged out over seven episodes for the sake of making a series – it could easily have been condensed into a film-length thing for easier viewing, but its slowness doesn’t detract from the intrigue of the story. I’m hoping for another season as I’d love the investigators to make more headway, however I’m not convinced it’ll happen: if there has been a cover-up, it’s been going on for so long that I doubt anyone would be willing to open it up now.

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