OK so Killjoys is amazing and that’s really all you need to know.

Killjoys takes place in a planetary system called the Quad, which is on the brink of war. The story revolves around a group of ‘killjoys’, or space bounty hunters, who fly around searching out people who don’t want to be found and bringing them to whoever pays the right price.

The leader of this particular team of killjoys is Dutch, played by the inimitable Hannah John-Kamen, and she is one badass bitch.

If you’re into sci-fi with strong heroines who don’t take shit from anyone, Killjoys will be right up your street. I described it to my friend as “Lisbeth in space” and I think that’s not far off the mark.

Orange Is the New Black

This inimitable series returned in 2017 for a fifth season, and truly excellent it was too. I like Netflix’s habit of replaying the final episode of the previous season before beginning the new one, because it knows you binge-watched the whole thing over the course of a weekend a year ago and now you’ve forgotten most of what happened. It also nicely sets the scene for what’s to come.

The season opens with Daya pointing a gun at a guard, inmates all around her screaming at her to shoot. The series ramps up the stress levels from there: after the shot has been fired (by Daya or someone else? watch it to find out), the prisoners end up revolting and holding the guards hostage in a situation that just gets tenser by the minute.

It’s a nailbitingly fast-paced season and the hours will fly by (trust me, you’ll binge the whole thing in one go). Increasingly OITNB is dealing with complex and urgent social issues in today’s political climate, and I think it’s a show everyone should watch, if only to be informed about some of the challenges and concepts it raises.

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