How did I not watch this show before this year? People have been raving about it for ages and yet it took me a very long time to check it out.

I didn’t immediately fall in love – it took me a few episodes to get into the story. I also have a kind of face blindness that makes it really hard to recognise people, and which meant I was confused about who was a clone and who wasn’t. Normally when I’m watching a series, lots of people look exactly the same to me if they have roughly the same features (for example, white man with brown hair; girl with blonde curly hair, etc), so I start off most series wondering whether the characters are clones or if it’s just my inability to recognise people.

Once I’d got over that and settled into the storyline, however, I quickly became hooked.

After she sees a woman who looks exactly like her kill herself at a train station, Sarah starts to wonder what’s going on. It’s possible that she has a long-lost twin – she has grown up in a foster home, after all – but as soon as she starts looking into it, Sarah discovers it’s much more complex than that.

Sarah is unwittingly part of an experiment: a mad scientist has created clones and sent them out into the world, and she is one of them. As she gradually uncovers more of the story, Sarah realises her whole life isn’t quite what it seemed. Her clones all have very different personalities, even though they look the same, and it takes a whole bunch of them to finally work out what’s been going on all these years. But will they be able to put a stop to it?

I had three favourite characters: Cosima the scientist clone; Helena the Russian clone who’d grown up in a nunnery and turned a bit feral; and Siobhan, Sarah’s foster mother who fiercely protects her children.

The acting is fucking beyond amazing. Tatiana Maslany is absolutely exceptional, switching seamlessly into the characters of all the different people she plays. She is perhaps at her most outstanding when she’s playing a clone who’s playing a clone: there are several instances in which one of the clones must pretend to be another, and Maslany pulls this off perfectly.

This is a complex, intriguing show that has enough main characters that you’ll surely relate to at least one of them. Not to be missed.

4 thoughts on “Twelve Days of Netflix: Day Eleven | Orphan Black

  1. Loved Orphan Black! I used to watch it on BBC 3. It was so hard to catch an episode or new series though as they’d never stick to any sort of schedule. I wonder if they’ve done another series yet. Gosh I miss it,and they left off at such a cliff hanger moment. I need to see more!

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