Twelve Days of Netflix: Day Twelve | Miranda

Miranda has been popular for years, and yet I didn’t have a TV for so long that I never watched it. I didn’t think I’d been missing anything, until I decided to give it a go because I’d seen Miranda Hart on a panel show and found her quite amusing.

Well, it was great.

Despite the slapstick comedy scattered throughout the series (I’m not a slapstick fan), this is a show you should definitely watch if you’re either British or someone who enjoys laughing at British people. It has that very specific sense of humour that’s mainly about how awkward we all are about… well, everything.

It is hilarious: one of the few shows where I’ve properly laughed at least once every couple of episodes. Lots of comedy shows make me smile, but few make me laugh so much I worry if I might have peed a little bit.

The main reason it’s so good is because Miranda is so relatable. Her life could so easily be my life: she runs her own business, has a BFF whom she loves and a mother she finds… challenging… and is easily amused by day to day things, like pretending stuff around the house is alive, or finding words inexplicably funny.

She is also a bit obsessed with getting a man, which is a shame. Although I get why they put in a love interest – it does add extra chances for comic encounters – towards the end of the final season I felt like it focused too much on this side of things and not enough on just… Miranda.

Also, I was disappointed by the ending. Without wanting to give anything away, when she was riding along the beach on a horse I got all excited and thought they were going to end the show absolutely perfectly… but then they did the obvious thing instead. Having said that, it’s excellent enough that it didn’t put me off.

So if you’re looking for something that will cheer you up, Miranda should do the trick.

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