This year hasn’t really been very Instagram-worthy, because I’ve spent most of it stuck in the house. However, as shows, there have still been a few noteworthy posts scattered throughout the shots of me watching Netflix in bed.

Those were my top nine posts by number of likes.

So, what did people like about my year?

A travel photo even though I wasn’t abroad

In March all my forensics buddies were off at my favourite conference, hanging around in a German castle next to a lake. I wasn’t able to go because I’d just discovered I was really ill, so instead I was flicking through photos from previous trips and decided to post one of those. This is the front door of a beautiful church in Brussels, which I visited when I was there last year.

Moving the office

Not to be put off by my internal organs trying to kill me, I was totally convinced I’d still somehow finish renovations this year, so on a day when I had a bit of energy I moved my office from the living room into the kitchen, to free up the living room in preparation for wallpaper stripping, which actually did happen.

I’m quite enjoying my kitchen office, surprisingly; it’s a pleasant place to work and I’m almost tempted to keep my office in here even after renovations are done.

Very rough songwriting notes

One thing I did manage to get done this year despite being ill was a transcription project I’d been wanting to do for ages. It involved going through my huge pile of notebooks, which date back to 2001, and writing up everything onto the computer, both for storage purposes and because eventually I’d like to do something with them.

Along the way I unearthed some amusing gems, including the two pictures above, which provide perfect examples of what songwriting looks like when you can’t read music and don’t know what you’re doing.

Decoration plans

This year I have spent a large amount of time looking through home improvement magazines, cutting things out and scrapbooking them, and doing the same digitally on Pinterest and Houzz. Then I bought a bunch of books to help me plan how the flat is ultimately going to look, and this was one of them. Amusingly enough, of all the colour schemes in the book I think I prefer the one on the front page.

Decoration decisions

Speaking of decorations, sometimes the smallest thing can prompt a decision.

I’d originally been planning to paint my living room a very deep green shade, à la Abigail Ahern. But then I put a plant and a lamp onto a shelf in the living room, and suddenly I thought, no. Not deep green. Warm colours. Orangey-yellow. And thus a decision was made – one which I’ll hopefully get to enact next year, assuming none of my other organs start to melt.


For some reason this fuzzy video of the cat (now sadly deceased) licking the floor seemed to speak to a lot of people, perhaps because we all love cats even though (because?) they’re a bit absurd.

Open Mics

This really bad photo I took at the only open mic night I went to demonstrates that people on Instagram aren’t always looking for quality, or maybe that there are lots of spam-likers hanging out in the music-related hashtags.

It was quite a fun night, at Piano Works in Farringdon: after I’d finished my set, a man came up to me and apologised on behalf of all men, which made me feel like it’d been a worthwhile evening.

What to do when someone you know is seriously ill

In August I bumped into a friend at the supermarket and realised his reaction to my illness had been pretty much perfect. So I wrote a post called How To Act When Someone You Know Is Seriously Ill, because I get that it’s hard to work out exactly what to do sometimes. And also I was sick of people hounding me with messages and turning up unannounced at my door. Most of them stopped after that post. Mostly.

So, those are my 2017 top nine posts on Instagram; if I had to pick one myself, it’d be one of these two:

I love my job.
Probably the best house in London?

Get yours here, then put a link in the comments so I can check them out!

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