The Little Things

I found this on Postsecret a few months ago and it made me smile, and also I think it’s the kind of reminder we all need from time to time, so I thought I’d write my own.

The Little Things That Keep Me Going

(and some not so little ones)

  • Friends who call me when they need someone to talk to, and knowing I am that person for several people.
  • The knowledge that if I don’t turn up to choir they have to hire someone to replace me and they don’t really have the money to do that.
  • The feeling that I’m not yet finished – that I still have stuff to do in life. And by ‘stuff to do’ I mainly mean ‘books to write’, plus a few songs to record.
  • Knowing that when I’m working the phones at Childline I’m sometimes the difference between someone killing themselves and staying alive that night.
  • Big thoughts about the universe / philosophy / etc. about which I’d like to come to some kind of conclusion.
  • My clients relying on me to be… well, reliable.
  • The memory of standing with my feet in the ocean in South Carolina, feeling happy to be alive and knowing I’d have missed out on that if I’d killed myself when I planned to.
  • Relatedly: thinking about the things I’d have missed out on if I hadn’t kept going at the various points in my life when the end seemed imminent.
  • Knowing I’ve almost certainly been through something worse than whatever I’m going through at that point.
  • Remembering all the other little things that have kept me going at various times: laughing hysterically with friends, sharing glasses of wine and whisky and vermouth until the wee hours of the morning.
  • Previously: my cat.
  • The fact that I’ve got through so much crap in my life that it would be riduculous to die at this point.
  • The pile of books I still have to read.
  • And sometimes, sheer dogged determination.

What keeps you going? 

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