Papegaai Swartland Cinsault 2016

A friend brought this back from Australia with him, which made me think it was an Australian wine, but it’s actually South African. It’s made by Adi Badenhorst, who has a reputation as a Rhône lover which shows up in this blend.  

Fruity and full-bodied, it’s well-balanced but not too delicate. I drank it on its own because it was that kind of night, but it’d pair well with any food that didn’t have too strong a flavour: medium meats like pork and lamb; milk chocolate; hard, slightly nutty cheeses.

Speakers of German, Dutch, Portuguese and of course Afrikaans may recognise that the name means ‘parrot’ (and everyone else might get a clue from the label). The wine is named after the cape parrot, which used to be found in abundance in the region but has suffered the ongoing effects of deforestation and humans generally shitting on the world.

Nowadays they’re very rare – one of the most endangered species in the world, with fewer than 1,000 parrots left in total in the wild – and this is obviously something Badenhorst cares about, because a percentage of the profits are going to an NGO which is working to increase research into these parrots and ultimately help them to survive and thrive.

Photo via Alan Manson on Flickr

It’s also vegan: when I messaged them to ask how animal-friendly it is, they sent me this amusing response:

So buy this wine if you want to help the cape parrots, and if you want a robust yet smooth and mellow red with an interesting back story.

Buy it from: Virgin Wines

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