Spooky Supermarket Wines

I usually buy my wine from wine shops or online, but I was in the supermarket a while ago and they seemed to be having some sort of goth wine theme, so of course I had to try them.

One was Apothic’s Dark blend, which I’ve wanted to try for ages but which hadn’t been easily available in the UK until now. The others were wines I hadn’t heard of before. 

First up: La Muñeca from Chronic Cellars, because I didn’t really have any impressions of it. I neither liked it nor hated it; it was acceptable but nothing about it stood out, except the label.

The next one I tried was XY Zin, with the spooky tree on the bottle. True to most zinfandels, it’s fruity and sweet. There are notes of plum and blackcurrant, and it’s very juicy; a bit like drinking Ribena. This of course means it slips down easily and you can get to the bottom of a bottle rather quickly. It’s quite acidic at the back of the throat, but not excessively so; and there’s a hint of smokiness when you get to the bottom of the first glass. An interesting wine for its price.

Finally, Apothic Dark, which I’ve been wanting to try for years. Apothic Red is one of my favourite cheap wines, and the one I normally give to people who say they don’t usually like wine, because it’s velvety and chocolatey and quite sweet. Apothic Dark is, unsurprisingly, darker: more berries, less chocolate; not so sweet (and therefore nicer, or at least I preferred it). There was a hint of earth, too, like the berries had been dug from the ground. More complex than Apothic Red, I enjoyed it more than its easier to find sister, but as far as my own drinking preferences go I’ll probably be sticking to independent wine merchants and avoiding supermarkets again – at least until they bring out the next round of spooky labels.

You can buy all of these wines from Tesco at the moment, and probably from other UK supermarkets too. All of them are under £15.


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