Following on from my post last Monday, here’s the second in my series of quotes in the ‘quote of the day’ tag game challenge. I was nominated by the lovely Magpie at Midnight, whose blog you should check out.

I began with Kierkegaard, because I love him. Another person I love is Renaud, so I’m continuing with him. Also I thought it’d be interesting to do one quote from a book (Kierkegaard), one from a song (Renaud), and one from some kind of visual media (which will probably end up being Star Trek). 

Renaud writes such beautiful, evocative lyrics that it’s hard to choose just one quote, but there’s one that struck me from his latest album. Actually there were several, and I got one of them tattooed on my back along with his album cover (I already have some of his lyrics tattooed on my hands. Some might say I’m obsessed.)

This isn’t the quote I want to share with you today though.

In his song La Nuit En Taule, Renaud talks about being thrown in jail for a night and how, though it might sound rock n’ roll, it’s actually kind of shit. The quote I love the most from this song is:

Même si tout est moche parfois
On est mieux dans la vraie vie

Which roughly translates as “Even if everything’s shit sometimes, it’s still better to be part of life.”

This lyric possibly sums up why I love him better than anything else ever could. It’s no secret that Renaud’s been through some pretty dark periods in his life, yet he keeps coming back (his latest tour was the Phénix tour, aptly). And his songs are a perfect mixture of “this is some of the awful shit life puts us through” and “but look at the beauty of everything, isn’t it worth living?” I challenge you to listen to Les Mots for the first time without crying. Unless you don’t speak French, in which case it won’t mean much to you.

This time I’m tagging Christian, Robert and Dimitrios. The rules are:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2. Post a quote for three consecutive days.
  3. Nominate three bloggers each day to do the same.

(If you’d like me to tag you in a future post, like this post or leave me a message and I will! I so often see these on other people’s blogs and want them to tag me but am too shy to ask.)

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